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Join FEU’ YTalks!

Be inspired by our fellow Tamaraw, who is a social entrepreneur and an advocate of zero.

A 2017 Deloitte Survey shows that “millennials consider themselves to have a fair degree of accountability for many of the world’s largest challenges, even though they feel their influence has limitations.”
They feel empowered and efficient when they support good causes even in their own little ways. Taking these into account, Far Eastern University launches the FEU Y Talks as a platform for the millennials or Generation Y to share their socially relevant perspectives and advocacies. With high school students as audience, this talk series aims to level up the quality of discourse involving the country’s future leaders.

Learn how passion, perseverance, and being innovative work well together in creating business opportunities even in these challenging times.

In this time of unrest, witness how compassion and kindness can make a difference. Be touched by the story of Ms. Marie Lorraine Pingol, a true pandemic hero!