Vision and Mission


Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence, Uprightness, and Compassion, FEU Cavite aims to be the school of choice in the region inculcating love for learning and powering community development.


FEU Cavite
– provides a technology-empowered and individualized learning system;
– develops values-driven and service-oriented global citizens equipped with future-ready skills;
– achieves education goals by visionary leadership, operational efficiency, and financial sustainability; and
– fuels community growth via future-focused learning, heritage preservation, and environmental stewardship.

Core Values

Fortitude refers to the ability to persevere, not give in or give up, to be committed to an ideal, and to pursue it with hard work and courage.

Excellence refers to the ability to do rigorous, meticulous, innovative, creative, and relevant endeavors that are comparable to the highest standards, effectively communicated to the stakeholders, and steeped in critical thinking.

Uprightness refers to moral and ethical integrity, selflessness, fairness, and a commitment to the greater good.

Compassion refers to the ability to respond with care beyond empathy, and ensure social concern towards others.