Student Organizations

Student Clubs / Organizations

Senior High School Department has two types of co-curricular activities, namely: strands-based organization and interest clubs.

1. Strands-based organizations
These are required organizations, depending on which strand the student is enrolled. These organizations are meant to further strengthen the curriculum through activities such as seminars, workshops, symposia, fora, etc.

  •      ABM circle
  •      HUMSS cirlce
  •      STEM cirlce 

2. Interest clubs
These organizations that aim to further hone other skills and talents of the students.  Being a member of these organizations are not required.

  •      Simbuhan ( official students publication)
  •      SHS Choir
  •      Tams DC
  •      Sports  Club

Student Council
These students are the overall student body that serves the SHS community by organizing and/or assisting in the implementation of school programs and activities.