FEU Cavite SHS ready to brave the “new school normal;” conducts online class simulation

FEU Cavite SHS ready to brave the “new school normal;” conducts online class simulation

On August 10 to 14, 2020, the FEU Cavite Senior High School (SHS) Department provided a sneak peak of how synchronous classes are virtually conducted. The Microsoft Teams app was used for the sessions. FEU Cavite students, as well as students and teachers from other schools, observed and participated in the simulation classes that merited high evaluation ratings.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, FEU Cavite had already been conducting online activities, complementing the face-to-face learning, through the School’s Learning Management System (LMS) called CANVAS and Office 365 (utilizing its productivity applications including MS Teams). Through these platforms, students could access learning materials, participate in online discussions, take their quizzes, submit projects, and even manage their activities through the calendar app.

With the opening of the SHS classes on August 24, 2020, FEU Cavite SHS students can experience the F.E.U.C. Learning Environment under the “new normal.”

Flexible. The School provides flexible learning options. One is online delivery of lessons through a learning management system called CANVAS. For students who have slow or limited internet connection, a second option is modules that can be printed and delivered or claimed from the campus. “Flipped learning” is also implemented where learning materials are provided prior to the lesson proper so that discussions are encouraged and enriched.

Engaging. Upon enrollment, an FEU Cavite student is provided with a licensed MS Office 365 account which allows him/her to explore various Microsoft Applications that will aid learning, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In terms of synchronous online classes, Microsoft Teams allows group videoconference calls. The latter is also capable of recording video play back and review of lectures. CANVAS also provides a discussion board where students can connect with their teachers to ask or clarify lessons or projects.

Ubiquitous. With the help of the above mentioned learning tools and platforms, the FEU Cavite learning experience is available beyond the campus and its classrooms. Learners are also given the opportunity to learn outside the time constraints set in classrooms.

Compassionate. FEU Cavite fully understands the challenges of distance learning that bring anxiety and stress to learners and their families. The School endeavors to keep a balance between academics and emotional well-being. While learning activities and standards are required, student wellness and mental health are also constantly monitored through homeroom activities and online counseling sessions provided by the Guidance, Counseling, and Career Office (GCCO).

As the School faces the challenges and demands of the “new schooling environment,” FEU Cavite remains adaptive to the needs of its learners and other stakeholders, while putting a premium on quality education and overall well-being.