FEU Cavite Launches the Farm Ecotherapy Project

FEU Cavite Launches the Farm Ecotherapy Project

FEU Cavite employees in meditation exercises

The Student Development Unit of FEU Cavite Higher Education Department piloted the project entitled, “Farm Ecotherapy Upraising Connectivity (F.E.U.C.) on October 26, 2019”. It is a one-day dry run event intended to create an enhanced and uplifting environment that connects people to nature and agriculture through activities for the individuals’ overall wellness. FEU Cavite envisions to influence communities’ growth, inspire them to be good stewards of our environment, and instill values in preserving the nature.

Orientation at the FEU Cavite V-Farm

The said program started with preparatory activities, followed by a 10-minute Ecowalk— a contemplative walk from HED promenade going to the V-Farm (Vegetable Farm) and Modern Bahay Kubo. This activity promotes appreciating the scenery and plants surrounding the environment. Then comes the meditation part which comprise of activities like breathing exercises, stretching, listening to nature sounds, and quiet time for a calm and more focused mind and body. After the warm-up and calming exercises, a brief inspirational talk about gratefulness was delivered. Reflecting on God’s Word was also part of this activity. A Bible verse was presented and pondered on to give encouragement to everyone.

The event ended with a healthy and sumptuous Trio-V (triple vegetable) dishes, from appetizer to dessert prepared by the BS Hospitality Management students at the V-Farm Modern Bahay Kubo. Eating at the kubo, the participants can easily appreciate the dishes as they see where the ingredients came from, and how they were prepared at the kitchen.

All in all, the FEUC project was commended for its outstanding implementation of the objectives, topics discussed and their relatability to real life situations, organizers and facilitators knowledge and accommodating spirit, and the food served during the event. Students Affairs Office already had their planned projects and activities under Farm Ecotherapy. The event is proposed to be held again on the 2nd semester of SY 2020-2021.