FEU Cavite Dormitory

The FEU Cavite Dormitory

FERN Realty Corporation, a subsidiary of Far Eastern University, has consistently assisted the FEU schools through several facilities for students and faculty.

In 2014, noting the need of FEU Cavite students for safe and affordable living quarters near the school, FERN constructed the FEU Cavite Dormitory situated on a lot accessible from the Biluso road and is just a few meters away from the school’s Higher Education Building.

The three-storey dormitory has quadruple-sharing rooms and twin sharing rooms at the 1st and 2nd floors. Operated by the HRM students of the College, the Dormitel at the 3rd floor is open to guests. Faculty and administrators from Metro Manila who teach and work at FEU Cavite stay at the dormitory during weekdays.

The dormers are oriented to strictly follow rules concerning sanitation, safety, and proper use of appliances and other facilities. A dorm manager monitors dormitory activities. Security guards are present 24/7. The building is kept clean by a janitress. The dorm serves as a training ground for the students to live on their own, to develop friendship and camaraderie among fellow dormers, and to instill self-discipline.

With the increasing demand for dormitory rooms, FERN is considering the construction of a second dormitory.