FEU Cavite and SPU Batam Seal Partnership

Batam, Indonesia – On September 10, 2018, FEU Cavite’s Executive Director and Dean of Higher Education Department (HED), Dr. Marcon Espino and Sekolah Pelita Utama’s (SPU) Headmistress, Ibu Lily signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for international partnership during the Ceremonial MOU Signing at SPU’s Auditorium.

The MOU highlights the shared commitment of the two reputable academic institutions in providing quality educational programs and services. To achieve this, FEU Cavite and SPU Batam will collaborate in various endeavors such as curriculum development, faculty and student development activities, student exchange program, research, and community extension. All these intend to strengthen the link between schools from the Philippines and Indonesia.

The program started with “Tari Persambahan,” which literally means “welcoming dance.” This was performed by a group of SPU’s female students to welcome and honor their guests. SPU teachers and other group of students also rendered a song in Filipino and performed a Philippine folk dance – the Cariñosa.

Witnessing the ceremony are FEU Cavite’s representatives namely Ms. Reyett Paunan, Directress of Basic Education Department (BED), and Mr. Matthew Nepomuceno, Director of Senior High School (SHS) Department. SPU Batam, on the other hand, was in full force during the event with its School Director, Mr. Maizon Jabar, Purchasing Manager, Mr. Kent Wibowo, Head of Academic Affairs, Ibu Vivid, Officer of International School Partnership, Mr. Arnuld Cupo, principals of different departments, teachers, parents, and students. Also, the officers of the Ministry of Education – Bapak Drs. Atmadinata, M. Pd, Kepala Bidang Pembianaan SMA/SMK and Bapak Nainggolan, Pengawas SMP graced the occasion.

The event was published in local newspapers of Batam, Indonesia.

(Photo credits: Pictures during the ceremony were taken by Mr. Teguh Prihatna and Mr. Eko)

Welcome and congratulatory banners prepared by SPU Batam and Mandiri for the event.

(Right) FEU Cavite’s Executive Director and HED Dean, Dr. Marcon Espino gets a leaf from a container as part of the “Tari Persambahan.” (Left) SPU Batam’s Director, Mr. Maizon Jabar and the schools’ representatives witnessed this ceremony.

(At the center) FEU Cavite, represented by its Executive Director and HED Dean, Dr. Marcon Espino, (second from right) BED Directress, Ms. Reyett Paunan, and (from right) SHS Director, Mr. Matthew Nepomuceno, presents the Mr. FEU book and other FEU items to SPU Batam’s Headmistress, Ibu Lily during the ceremonial exchange of tokens between schools. On stage were (from left) Mr. Maizon Jabar, School Director, (second from left) Ibu Vivid, Head of Academic Affairs, and (third from right) Mr. Kent Wibowo, Purchasing Manager.

Ibu Lily, SPU Batam’s Headmistress, presents to Dr. Marcon Espino, the school’s emblem.

SPU Batam teachers and students performed a Philippine folk dance – the Cariñosa.

FEU Cavite and SPU Batam teams pose for a group souvenir shot after the first partnership meeting, a day after the ceremonial signing event.

A journalist named, Mr. Tengku Bayu, interviewed Dr. Marcon Espino and several SPU Batam officials about the partnership. The event was published in Batam’s broadsheets.