ECE Acquaintance Day 2017

The Early Childhood Department held its Acquaintance Day at FEU BED Audio Visual Room (AVR) last June 16, 2017 where students from Kinder to Grade 3 gathered to play, enjoy and know each other better. They were divided into four groups (blue, red, green and yellow) and competed in various categories.

Each team from K1 and K2 had the “PUZZLE DAZZLE” where red team won by 4 stars. Yellow team won when all grade 1 pupils from each team from grade 1 played the game “HOLD THE BALL”. The room was filled with laughter when each team played the game “FLAG IT”. Players were not allowed to hold the ball with their hands but only with their forehead, cheeks or nose. Each team from grade 3 showed creativity on “CRACK THE CODE” where they had to decode a statement in the fastest time they could. Players from red team screamed their lungs out when they were announced as the winner.

(Foreground)“Marky Llunar of Blue Team from Grade II – Patience on FLAG IT! – slowly, but surely inserting the flags on its designated bottle to ace their game.”

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