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Braving the new normal: FEU Cavite Basic Education’s responsive approach to learning

Braving the new normal: FEU Cavite Basic Education’s responsive approach to learning

Responding to the need to reimagine the teaching and learning process, the FEU Cavite Basic Education (BED) team formulated the iTAMS 2020-2021 (Integrative, Technology-empowered, Adaptive, Multimodal Schooling) – a learning approach designed to continually deliver quality and relevant educational programs and services in the “new schooling environment” and to ensure the general safety and well-being of the learners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Siblings Joserah Emmanuelle (Grade 3) and Josiah Ezekiel (Grade 1) Santos getting ready for their online class as they attended the second week of orientation for ECE (early childhood education) pupils.

Brothers Alfred Marco (Grade 1) and Adiel Mathew (Grade 8) Bernardo completing the two-week Student Orientation activities and online class simulation.

Through performance or outcomes-based tasks and projects, the students are given the opportunity to apply concepts they learned from different but related subjects. With the thematic way of teaching, students from lower levels can enjoy learning while connecting the different topics under one theme. The students’ skills in using the technology will also be developed as teaching and learning are delivered through CANVAS, Office 365 productivity applications (including MS Teams), and/or via age-appropriate learning platforms. FEU Cavite BED has been using these applications and delivery methods since 2018.

The BED Academic Team has been very adaptive to best serve the needs of the students and parents. Curriculum has been reviewed, revised, and enriched to align with the Department of Educations’ Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) and the school’s vision, mission, and aspiration. It now utilizes different flexible learning strategies that cater to the present situation.

Currently, FEU Cavite BED implements online distance learning with scheduled synchronous activities, followed by asynchronous activities to supplement their learning within the day. It will be adopting a blended learning approach once the government allows face-to-face learning in K-to-12 schools.

Siblings Narhyia Joyce (Grade 6) and Julienne Nicole (Grade 8)Peñaroyolistening to their teachers during one of their synchronous classes.

Legaspi brothers, Lee Rafael (Grade 2) and Lee Samuel (Grade 6) participate in the online activities during their synchronous class.

Appreciative of FEU Cavite BED’s efforts to continually provide quality education amidst the pandemic, the parents shared these feedback.

“I’ve reviewed the previous advisories and videos of FEU Cavite’s online e-teaching. It looks like FEU is ready to face the NEW Normal, and I am happy to see that despite the challenges of this pandemic, FEU is on top of things.”

-Mrs. Tan, Grade 9

“Congratulations, FEU! We do appreciate your efforts in doing your best for this new norm of continuous education of our children. Rest assured that we will cooperate with you to make this online class as effective as we wish for our children. Thank you very much!”

-Mrs. Buen, Grade 10

“Thank you very much po for your excellent service to stakeholders (parents, students, teachers and community)! I hope to have a wonderful and magical school year ahead of us despite of COVID pandemic! God bless and keep safe!”

-Mrs. Macariola, Grade 8

“Thank you to all the teachers! We really appreciate your efforts!”

-Mrs Miranda, Grade 9

FEU Cavite Basic Education Department continues to develop values-driven, service-oriented, and future-ready learners with its iTAMS program.

FEU Cavite SHS ready to brave the “new school normal;” conducts online class simulation

FEU Cavite SHS ready to brave the “new school normal;” conducts online class simulation

On August 10 to 14, 2020, the FEU Cavite Senior High School (SHS) Department provided a sneak peak of how synchronous classes are virtually conducted. The Microsoft Teams app was used for the sessions. FEU Cavite students, as well as students and teachers from other schools, observed and participated in the simulation classes that merited high evaluation ratings.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, FEU Cavite had already been conducting online activities, complementing the face-to-face learning, through the School’s Learning Management System (LMS) called CANVAS and Office 365 (utilizing its productivity applications including MS Teams). Through these platforms, students could access learning materials, participate in online discussions, take their quizzes, submit projects, and even manage their activities through the calendar app.

With the opening of the SHS classes on August 24, 2020, FEU Cavite SHS students can experience the F.E.U.C. Learning Environment under the “new normal.”

Flexible. The School provides flexible learning options. One is online delivery of lessons through a learning management system called CANVAS. For students who have slow or limited internet connection, a second option is modules that can be printed and delivered or claimed from the campus. “Flipped learning” is also implemented where learning materials are provided prior to the lesson proper so that discussions are encouraged and enriched.

Engaging. Upon enrollment, an FEU Cavite student is provided with a licensed MS Office 365 account which allows him/her to explore various Microsoft Applications that will aid learning, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In terms of synchronous online classes, Microsoft Teams allows group videoconference calls. The latter is also capable of recording video play back and review of lectures. CANVAS also provides a discussion board where students can connect with their teachers to ask or clarify lessons or projects.

Ubiquitous. With the help of the above mentioned learning tools and platforms, the FEU Cavite learning experience is available beyond the campus and its classrooms. Learners are also given the opportunity to learn outside the time constraints set in classrooms.

Compassionate. FEU Cavite fully understands the challenges of distance learning that bring anxiety and stress to learners and their families. The School endeavors to keep a balance between academics and emotional well-being. While learning activities and standards are required, student wellness and mental health are also constantly monitored through homeroom activities and online counseling sessions provided by the Guidance, Counseling, and Career Office (GCCO).

As the School faces the challenges and demands of the “new schooling environment,” FEU Cavite remains adaptive to the needs of its learners and other stakeholders, while putting a premium on quality education and overall well-being.

FEU Cavite upgrades Basic Education Computer Laboratory

FEU Cavite upgrades Basic Education Computer Laboratory

FEU Cavite works toward its goal of creating “future-ready” learners by embracing technology. One way to achieve this is by ensuring that age-appropriate computer engagement is embedded in the lessons.

Last July 2019, FEU Cavite upgraded the Computer Laboratory 1 of the Basic Education Department (BED ComLab 1) with the installation of new Lenovo Desktop Computers equipped with Intel Core-i5 processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB disk capacity, and are running on Windows 10 Pro Operating system. All 36 computers in the laboratory are now faster with current applications that can be better enjoyed by our learners while enhancing their computer-related skills. Improvement in the BED ComLab 1 included the replacement of all network and power cabling and installation of new tables to match the new layout

In addition, our teachers design more appropriate activities to maximize students’ engagement alongside attaining desired learning outcomes.

As one of the many ongoing facilities development of FEU Cavite, the completion of the redesigned computer laboratory provides a more conducive, collaborative, and child-friendly learning space.

FEU Cavite improves Canteen Services

FEU Cavite improves Canteen Services

The Canteen has a big impact on a student’s life in the campus. Every student remembers with fondness that favorite sausage roll he buys at lunch or that pizza he always shares with his friends at snack time. The canteen also has that important role of caring for our students’ nutrition and well-being.
On January 3, 2019, FEU Cavite relaunched its canteen services with a new set of concessionaires offering a variety of healthy, interesting, and reasonably priced meals for our students. Papa’s Chicken House, which has been our reliable canteen concessionaire for the past nine years in both HED and BED buildings, is now joined by other food providers such as Potato Giant, La Leah Food Services, 621 Foodchow, John Gil Catering and Party Needs, and De Cel’s Catering.
One week into the relaunch, there is positive feedback from the FEU Cavite community on this initiative. “I am very pleased that the choices of food offered are healthy and varied. I also buy fresh fruits and vegetables in our canteen and make sure to include them in my meal,” expressed one senior high school faculty.

Canteen at the Basic Education Department building

Canteen at the Higher Education Department Building

The committee tasked to head the canteen relaunch project took six months to ensure that students’ feedback were considered in inviting and selecting the new food providers. Necessary infrastructure work was undertaken during the Christmas break to ready the place in time for the January opening.
The canteen services improvement is one of the many efforts undertaken by FEU Cavite to ensure that the students enjoy their campus life and that the environment is conducive to and supportive of their learning. The 2nd phase of the canteen improvement project will begin in the summer and will include further expansion of canteen spaces and purchase of new canteen equipment, tables and chairs, among others. Canteen operations are under the management of FEU Cavite’s Facilities and Technical Services Unit and the regulation of the Office of the Student Affairs.

FEU Cavite officers, committee on food services, and concessionaires

MOA signing with the concessionaires

BS Tourism Management students on TRATOPS

The Tourism Management Program of the FEU Cavite (FEUC) Higher Education Department (HED) held a three-day Travel and Tourism Operations Skills (TRATOPS) Development Training on October 19 and 26, and November 9, 2018 at the HED Room 111 and Events Room. TRATOPS intended to provide hands-on training to the students and allow them to experience how things are done in the field of Tourism. Student-participants were given materials and were exposed to activities applied on real scenarios. This further provided them the platform to understand customer needs and expectations.

Demonstration on In-Flight Operations by a BS Tourism Management student

The BS Tourism Management Students were trained on “In-Flight Operations” by Ms. Kim Hakenson, Senior Flight Attendant of Cebu Pacific Air; “Ground Handling Operations” by Mr. Kent Ito, Passenger Service Agent, Ground Steward of Cebu Pacific Air; and “Tour Guiding Operations” by Mr. Romano Del Rosario, Operations Manager of Tuesday Tours and Travel, President of Philippine Association of Accredited Tourist Guides Lecturer Inc., and Vice-President for Luzon of Philippine Tour Guide Federation.

The trainers said one thing about the FEUC BS Tourism Management students. “They are future-ready as they are passionate about learning.” Ms. Hakenson encourages the students to allow themselves to be molded. According to her, combining all four years in college is never enough so her advice for the soon-to-be-employed is to formulate a technique to learn. She wanted them to memorize by heart so that even if they forget a word, the procedures will come out naturally. “There are so many lives and souls in their hands, and they can save them. Use it as inspiration,” she said.

TRATOPS: In-Flight Operations group photo with trainer, Ms. Hakenson [center], and FEU Cavite Executive Director and Dean of Higher Education, Dr. Marcon Espino, Tourism Management Coordinator, faculty, and students

Mr. Ito shared that one of the most challenging scenarios as a Customer Service Agent is to entertain a lot of irate passengers when flight schedules are delayed. He handled a trainee from FEU Cavite, Ms. Joyme Palmares, during an incident when an airplane skid the main runway during landing causing more than 20,000 passengers stranded. He was satisfied by her enthusiasm, initiative, and confidence. During the training, he said, “I am satisfied because they responded right away to my questions. They listened eagerly. No wonder why your students are like that.” TRATOPS: Group Handling Operations group photo with trainer, Mr. Kent Ito

Mr. Del Rosario is a Registered Nurse but is in love with the Tourism Industry. He said, “You’ll end up as a successful practitioner if you have realigned your educational background towards the practice you are doing because practice without foundation and related theories is nothing.” According to him, he himself underwent training, and TRATOPS is a significant activity for the students to learn the foundation by heart, and actualize the theories. He wanted them to overcome the challenge by developing the confidence in talking to people and organizing their thoughts based on standards. “For a half day lecture, they were able to do an amazing performance and execution of the challenge”, he added.TRATOPS: Tour Guiding Operations group photo with trainer, Mr. Romano Del Rosario

FEU Cavite and SPU Batam Seal Partnership

Batam, Indonesia – On September 10, 2018, FEU Cavite’s Executive Director and Dean of Higher Education Department (HED), Dr. Marcon Espino and Sekolah Pelita Utama’s (SPU) Headmistress, Ibu Lily signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for international partnership during the Ceremonial MOU Signing at SPU’s Auditorium.

The MOU highlights the shared commitment of the two reputable academic institutions in providing quality educational programs and services. To achieve this, FEU Cavite and SPU Batam will collaborate in various endeavors such as curriculum development, faculty and student development activities, student exchange program, research, and community extension. All these intend to strengthen the link between schools from the Philippines and Indonesia.

The program started with “Tari Persambahan,” which literally means “welcoming dance.” This was performed by a group of SPU’s female students to welcome and honor their guests. SPU teachers and other group of students also rendered a song in Filipino and performed a Philippine folk dance – the Cariñosa.

Witnessing the ceremony are FEU Cavite’s representatives namely Ms. Reyett Paunan, Directress of Basic Education Department (BED), and Mr. Matthew Nepomuceno, Director of Senior High School (SHS) Department. SPU Batam, on the other hand, was in full force during the event with its School Director, Mr. Maizon Jabar, Purchasing Manager, Mr. Kent Wibowo, Head of Academic Affairs, Ibu Vivid, Officer of International School Partnership, Mr. Arnuld Cupo, principals of different departments, teachers, parents, and students. Also, the officers of the Ministry of Education – Bapak Drs. Atmadinata, M. Pd, Kepala Bidang Pembianaan SMA/SMK and Bapak Nainggolan, Pengawas SMP graced the occasion.

The event was published in local newspapers of Batam, Indonesia.

(Photo credits: Pictures during the ceremony were taken by Mr. Teguh Prihatna and Mr. Eko)

Welcome and congratulatory banners prepared by SPU Batam and Mandiri for the event.

(Right) FEU Cavite’s Executive Director and HED Dean, Dr. Marcon Espino gets a leaf from a container as part of the “Tari Persambahan.” (Left) SPU Batam’s Director, Mr. Maizon Jabar and the schools’ representatives witnessed this ceremony.

(At the center) FEU Cavite, represented by its Executive Director and HED Dean, Dr. Marcon Espino, (second from right) BED Directress, Ms. Reyett Paunan, and (from right) SHS Director, Mr. Matthew Nepomuceno, presents the Mr. FEU book and other FEU items to SPU Batam’s Headmistress, Ibu Lily during the ceremonial exchange of tokens between schools. On stage were (from left) Mr. Maizon Jabar, School Director, (second from left) Ibu Vivid, Head of Academic Affairs, and (third from right) Mr. Kent Wibowo, Purchasing Manager.

Ibu Lily, SPU Batam’s Headmistress, presents to Dr. Marcon Espino, the school’s emblem.

SPU Batam teachers and students performed a Philippine folk dance – the Cariñosa.

FEU Cavite and SPU Batam teams pose for a group souvenir shot after the first partnership meeting, a day after the ceremonial signing event.

A journalist named, Mr. Tengku Bayu, interviewed Dr. Marcon Espino and several SPU Batam officials about the partnership. The event was published in Batam’s broadsheets.

FEUC prides on its V-Farm Lab; welcomes BED students’ nutrition tour

In collaboration with FERN Realty, FEU Cavite (FEUC) opens its vegetable farm laboratory also known as the “V-Farm Lab” in July, 2018. The V-Farm is managed by a competent team led by FEUC’s Program Coordinator for Hospitality Management, Ms. Pamela Michelle Rivera and co-led by Mr. Ryan Gamoso, Program Coordinator for Tourism Management; both handle culinary and tour activities, respectively. Overall, the V-Farm operations is overseen by its Executive Director and Dean of Higher Education Department (HED), Dr. Marcon Espino.

The V-Farm serves as a training laboratory for FEUC’s HED students on “farm-to-table” activities as part of the institution’s relevant, innovative, and immersive development programs highlighting the CCaT framework – Culinary, Culture, and Tourism. Dedicated and able group of people, including the farmers and area caretakers, are tasked to ensure the viability of the said laboratory.

On July 31, 2018, around 100 Grades 4, 5, and 6 pupils of FEUC’s Basic Education Department went on a tour dubbed “Nutrition Month Farm Tour” at the V-Farm in celebration of the 2018 Nutrition Month with the theme “Ugaliing magtanim, sapat na nutrisyon aanihin.”

At present, there are 13 varieties of vegetables grown on the farm like bitter gourd (ampalaya), cucumber (pipino), mustard (mustasa), tomato (kamatis), bell pepper, among others. Next projects for the V-Farm include growing of herbs (putting up of herbs section) and the construction of the modern “bahay-kubo” that will serve as cooking demonstration and tasting area. Currently, HED hospitality management and tourism management students are preparing for their V-Farm Lab culminating activities in October 2018.