Braving the new normal: FEU Cavite Basic Education’s responsive approach to learning

Braving the new normal: FEU Cavite Basic Education’s responsive approach to learning

Responding to the need to reimagine the teaching and learning process, the FEU Cavite Basic Education (BED) team formulated the iTAMS 2020-2021 (Integrative, Technology-empowered, Adaptive, Multimodal Schooling) – a learning approach designed to continually deliver quality and relevant educational programs and services in the “new schooling environment” and to ensure the general safety and well-being of the learners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Siblings Joserah Emmanuelle (Grade 3) and Josiah Ezekiel (Grade 1) Santos getting ready for their online class as they attended the second week of orientation for ECE (early childhood education) pupils.

Brothers Alfred Marco (Grade 1) and Adiel Mathew (Grade 8) Bernardo completing the two-week Student Orientation activities and online class simulation.

Through performance or outcomes-based tasks and projects, the students are given the opportunity to apply concepts they learned from different but related subjects. With the thematic way of teaching, students from lower levels can enjoy learning while connecting the different topics under one theme. The students’ skills in using the technology will also be developed as teaching and learning are delivered through CANVAS, Office 365 productivity applications (including MS Teams), and/or via age-appropriate learning platforms. FEU Cavite BED has been using these applications and delivery methods since 2018.

The BED Academic Team has been very adaptive to best serve the needs of the students and parents. Curriculum has been reviewed, revised, and enriched to align with the Department of Educations’ Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) and the school’s vision, mission, and aspiration. It now utilizes different flexible learning strategies that cater to the present situation.

Currently, FEU Cavite BED implements online distance learning with scheduled synchronous activities, followed by asynchronous activities to supplement their learning within the day. It will be adopting a blended learning approach once the government allows face-to-face learning in K-to-12 schools.

Siblings Narhyia Joyce (Grade 6) and Julienne Nicole (Grade 8)Peñaroyolistening to their teachers during one of their synchronous classes.

Legaspi brothers, Lee Rafael (Grade 2) and Lee Samuel (Grade 6) participate in the online activities during their synchronous class.

Appreciative of FEU Cavite BED’s efforts to continually provide quality education amidst the pandemic, the parents shared these feedback.

“I’ve reviewed the previous advisories and videos of FEU Cavite’s online e-teaching. It looks like FEU is ready to face the NEW Normal, and I am happy to see that despite the challenges of this pandemic, FEU is on top of things.”

-Mrs. Tan, Grade 9

“Congratulations, FEU! We do appreciate your efforts in doing your best for this new norm of continuous education of our children. Rest assured that we will cooperate with you to make this online class as effective as we wish for our children. Thank you very much!”

-Mrs. Buen, Grade 10

“Thank you very much po for your excellent service to stakeholders (parents, students, teachers and community)! I hope to have a wonderful and magical school year ahead of us despite of COVID pandemic! God bless and keep safe!”

-Mrs. Macariola, Grade 8

“Thank you to all the teachers! We really appreciate your efforts!”

-Mrs Miranda, Grade 9

FEU Cavite Basic Education Department continues to develop values-driven, service-oriented, and future-ready learners with its iTAMS program.