2014 FEU Tamaraws Thank You


Dear FEU Community,

We may have lost the UAAP Men’s Basketball Final , but thanks to all

of you, we have won the hearts of the FEU Community.


Throughout the season, our athletic teams have had great wins, but

also some terrible losses, and particularly painful defeats in

championship games.


However, your visible and enthusiastic support has steadily grown, to

the point where the FEU and NU game set attendance records of over

25,000 fans two Finals games in a row. Our FEU website and “Be Brave”

campaign has blended well with long lines to buy tickets and a noisy,

emphatic “Go Tamaraws Go” cheer both on Facebook pages and in

basketball coliseums.


To our Men’s Basketball Team, we remain proud of your best efforts.

From losing two major stars beginning the season to competing for the

Final Four, to emerging Runner-up in both the Final Four and the

Championship, you showed fortitude, resilience, and teamwork to win

close games after some crushing defeats. Sadly, we could not do it

again one last time. Thank you for overachieving.


To the Women’s Basketball Team, we went through the eye of the step

ladder needle to earn a championship battle with a superior NU team.

Although we lost, we should likewise hold our heads high. Thank you

for your fighting spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.


To our Cheerleaders, we appreciate all your hard work and coordinated

effort during each game and the Cheerdance competition. The bar for

winning has been considerably raised, but we must adjust to the times

and work harder. Thank you for all your artistic but athletic

halftime performances.


To all the Coaches and Athletes in UAAP sports, we thank you for your

dedication, commitment, and hard work. We may be outgunned in the

recruitment area, but we will always do our best to field competitive

and championship caliber teams. By working together with the help of

the FEU community, we continue our distinguished tradition of national

level athletes who get a meaningful university degree in FEU.


We have many other life battles to fight – in education, sports, and

culture. FEU will do its best to provide you the classroom and the

life lessons that it will take to make you rise up to the challenges

you personally face, and to add value to your character so you can be

better prepared to do well in both your student life and your

employable career.


As former Chief Justice and King Tamaraw Artemio Panganiban texted me

after the Finals defeat, ” My pleasure and honour, and thanks for

inviting me (to the games). Our team gave its best.

But NU won fair and square. Part of winning is accepting loss with

grace and sportsmanship. That’s what education is all about.”


Fortitude, Excellence, Uprightness – GO TAMARAWS GO


Aurelio “Gigi” Montinola


Board of Trustees