Vision and Mission

Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness, FEU CAVITE aims to be a leader in providing lifelong quality education in line with ASEAN integration.




        Sustain the Founder’s pioneering spirit in education and nation building

        Provide quality education in the midst of a quality environment

        Provide a strong foundation in the liberal arts/general education




1.       FORTITUDE

A Tamaraw is characterized by fortitude. Moral courage and strength of character allow Tamaraws to persevere and achieve more than is expected of them. FEU provides the academic, social and cultural environment to help develop in its students the strength of mind and spirit in the midst of internal and external pressures. 



A Tamaraw is characterized by excellence. Students, faculty and staff perform competently to their fullest potential, thus


rewarding the FEU community with countless achievements in all fields of endeavor. The FEU community cultivates a campus environment committed to a culture of excellence in academics and beyond — in the more important journey of life.




A Tamaraw is characterized by uprightness. Full development of morality and integrity is among the primary purposes of FEU as an educational institution. Thus, FEU steadfastly adheres to a set of principles and a code of conduct which are integrated into the curriculum and academic and management policies; and instilled in all members of the FEU community. This way, FEU aims to contribute to the moral advancement of Philippine society.